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What to Wear in the Galapagos

From the top ...


In view of the fact that you will be outside for the majority of the day facing equatorial temperatures, head protection is essential. A wide brimmed, floppy hat is what's needed. Choose a neutral colour (see why below) and forget about making any kind of fashion statement, you have the evening for that.

Wide Brim Bush hat
Wide Brim Bush hats are ideal for men
This kind of hat protects the back of the neck

Eye Protection

Forget what we said about fashion statement, the coolest eye apparel at the moment is the Maui Jim eye-ware collection which offers Polarized Plus2 technology that gives excellent UV protection, as well as enhancing the colour and clarity of your surroundings. Look good and protect your eyes at the same time - it's a win-win.



We recommend a sunscreen of SPF35 or higher, preferably fragrance free. In keeping with the environment you are visiting, please ensure it is biodegradable if possible.


Water Bottle

Rather than carrying plastic bottles of water that get warmer as the day draws on, we recommend a lightweight vacuum water bottle, which can be filled with iced water each day before setting out (that's what your Personal Suite Attendant is for!)

water bottle


A light-weight backpack is essential equipment for carrying daily-use items such as a water bottle, sunscreen and quick-dry towels, as well as notebook/Journal, camera, binoculars and IPad etc. The one shown is from Jack Wolfskin's Frontier Range and has plenty of storage pockets - looks good to us.



For the seven day loop, for daytime, you'll generally want to bring two or three short-sleeve shirts and one long-sleeve shirt, keeping in mind that the long-sleeve shirt will provide better protection from the sun. Two to three pairs of shorts, a pair of trousers and a sweatshirt are all good to bring.

Try to bring neutral colour clothes such as beige or white as they tend not to attract attention from insects such as wasps.


Zodiac landings on the various islands within the Galapagos are either wet or dry landings. It is therefore essential to have footwear that gives the flexibility to trek shore-side as well as on what is often coarse lava rock. An added bonus is a shoe with toe protection against jagged obstacles.

The shoe below is a good example of what's required, it's waterproof and has good toe protection.


What to bring to the Galapagos

Camera, PC Tablet and Binoculars

Obvious really, you won't want to miss both observing and capturing the many exciting sightings you will encounter on a daily basis. For your camera, take a back-up memory card for those extra pictures, whilst considering upping the capacity of your existing one if you plan to shoot any video.

For underwater filming, GoPro cameras are hard to beat, but if you are an underwater enthusiast, you probably know that already.

As mentioned elsewhere, we provide all our clients with a pair of powerful branded lightweight mini HD 8 x 32 binoculars. Weighing in at just 14.5 ounces, they can easily be tucked away in one of the pockets of your backpack.

A day to day journal is a popular and recommended idea for keeping memories of a cherished visit to a far-flung destination. Today's modern equivalent to scribblings in a notebook is a sophisticated app loaded on to your PC tablet that can either be published online for friends and family to see, or kept private. Within this app, you are able to include text, photos and even video.

We will provide this east-to-use product, as well as in-depth downloadable information about each of the places that you are due to visit on your Galapagos adventure. This will be available within two weeks of your departure.