Introducing Celebrity Flora - brand new and specifically built for the Galapagos Islands

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Suites On Board Celebrity Flora

Penthouse Suite

Category: PS
Decks: 5 & 6
Cabin: 1253 sq.ft (118 m2)
Balcony: 271 sq.ft (25 m2)

The largest, most luxurious suites sailing the Galapagos Islands offering indulgent home-away-from-home comfort. The bathrooms feature outward-facing spa tubs and a floor-to-ceiling window, so spectacular views are featured in every room. These lush havens are the ultimate compliment to this extraordinary destination.

Penthouse Suite Interior
Penthouse Suite Exterior
Penthouse Suite Layout

Royal Suite

Category: RS
Deck: 5
Total Area: 559 sq.ft (53 m2)
Balcony: 129 sq.ft (12 m2)

Royal Suites are modern refuges thoughtfully designed to pamper you whilst highlighting the destination, featuring a separate living area, bedroom, and private veranda. A king-sized bed faces outward and so does the spa tub in the bathroom (with a separate shower area), so you'll enjoy stunning views from every angle of the room.

Royal Suite Interior
Royal Suite Layout

Ultimate Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

Category: SU
Deck: 6
Cabin: 365 sq.ft (35 m2)
Balcony: 70 sq.ft (7 m22

The Ultimate Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda features a separate living area, bedroom with king-size bed, private veranda, and outward facing spa tub and shower.

Ultimate Sky Suite Interior
Ultimate Sky Suite Layout

Premium Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

Category: SP
Deck: 6
Cabin: 337 sq.ft (32 m2)
Balcony: 65 sq.ft (6 m22

New to the Galapagos Islands is the Infinite Veranda - an innovation takes your entire room to the water's edge - including the outward facing spa tub and shower. Enjoy open-air access to the sea and the islands with just the touch of a button.

Premium Sky Suite Interior
Premium Sky Suite Layout

Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda

Category: SK
Deck: 6
Cabin: 325 sq.ft (31 m2)
Balcony: 88 sq.ft (8 m2

Transform your suite to an open-air room with the touch of a button. Sky Suites with Infinite Veranda feature a modern layout with an etched glass divider separating the bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy stunning views from your king size bed, from the moment you wake to the moment you retire for the evening.

Sky Suite Interior
Sky Suite Layout

Sky Suite with Veranda

Category: S1
Deck: 5
Cabin: 330 sq.ft (31 m2)
Balcony: 84 sq.ft (8 m2

The Sky Suite with Veranda is the perfect sanctuary. The spacious veranda offers luxurious outdoor living. The king-sized bed faces the floor-to-ceiling windows, the veranda, and the glorious Galapagos Islands beyond. The bathroom features a vanity with double units, porcelain tiling, stone countertops, and a sliding panel that lets you open the room to the bedroom and the window, so incredible views are available at all times.

Sky Suite Interior
Sky Suite Layout