Introducing Celebrity Flora - brand new and specifically built for the Galapagos Islands

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Exclusive Discovery Yacht Cruises Complimentary Galapagos Pack

When visiting such a sensational area such as the Galapagos Islands, the last thing you want is to miss anything of interest. Short descriptions of the individual islands on a website can never give true, in-depth knowledge of each daily locations, how they differ and what to look out for.

We have assembled an off-line information pack solely for the use of our Galapagos-bound clients. The information is tailored to the itinerary being booked and can be downloaded for use on an appropriate tablet prior to departure.

If you haven't purchased a tablet as yet, we'll even provide you with an Apple IPad totally free.

Moreover, based on feedback from previous clients, we will make sure you are equiped with a pair of top-notch 8 x 32 lightweight binoculars, ensuring you'll never miss a magical moment observing nature at its best. We at Discovery Yacht Cruises are totally committed to making your forthcomng cruise truly memorable.